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AB Sciex (Life Technologies)
ABI (Life Technologies)
AccuPrime (Life Technologies)
ACQUITY (Waters Corporation)
ACQUITY UPLC (Waters Corporation)
Agilent (Hewlett-Packard Company)
Alliance (Waters Corporation)
API 3000 (Life Technologies)
API 4000 (Life Technologies)
Applied Biosystems (Life Technologies)
ASPEC (Gilson, Inc)
AutoTune (Life Technologies)
Cheminert (Valco Instruments Company Incorporated)
Clarity (DataApex)
CP-Sil (Valco Instruments Company Incorporated)
CP-Wax (Valco Instruments Company Incorporated)
Dionex (Dionex Corporation)
DoubleEnd (Vici Jour Research)
Easy Flange (Vici Jour Research)
Eco-Cap (Vici Jour Research)
Empower (Waters Corporation)
EPCAS (Waters Corporation)
Esa (Dionex Corporation)
ESCi (Waters Corporation)
EZChrom (Scientific Software, Inc)
Fingertight (Vici Jour Research)
Foxy (Teledyne ISCO, Inc)
GCT Premier (Waters Corporation)
Hamilton PRP (Hamilton Company)
Harvard (Harvard Bioscience)
Hewlett Packard (Hewlett Packard Co.)
Hitachi (Hitachi, Ltd)
HP (Helwlett Packard Co.)
Intel Corporation (Pentium)
Jasco (Jasco Corporation)
Kel-F (3M Company)
LAC/E (Waters Corporation)
LaChrom (Hitachi, Ltd)
LCT (Waters Corporation)
LCT Premier (Waters Corporation)
M@LDI (Waters Corporation)
MALDI TOF/TOF (Life Technologies)
MassChrom (Life Technologies)
MassLynx (Waters Corporation)
MassPREP (Waters Corporation)
MDS SCIEX (Life Technologies)
Microfilter (Hamilton Company)
Micromass (Waters Corporation)
Millennium (Waters Corporation)
NanoSpray (Life Technologies)
OmniMAX (Life Technologies)
Pecosphere (PerkinElmer, Inc)
PEEK (Victrex plc)
PerkinElmer (PerkinElmer, Inc)
Pipetman (Gilson, Inc)
Platform LC (Waters Corporation)
Platform LCZ (Waters Corporation)
Polypore (PerkinElmer, Inc)
PrepLC (Waters Corporation)
Q-Tof (Waters Corporation)
Q-Tof micro (Waters Corporation)
Q-Tof Premier (Waters Corporation)
Q-Tof Ultima (Waters Corporation)
Q-Tof Ultima (Waters Corporation)
Quattro LC (Waters Corporation)
Quattro micro (Waters Corporation)
Quattro Premier (Waters Corporation)
Quattro Ultima (Waters Corporation)
Rhebuild (IDEX Corporation)
RheFlex (IDEX Corporation)
Rheodyne (IDEX Corporation)
SAT/IN (Waters Corporation)
Shimadzu (Shimadzu Corporation)
Swagelok (Swagelok Company)
SYNAPT (Waters Corporation)
Teflon (E I Dupont de Nemours & Co. Inc)
UPLC (Waters Corporation)
Valco (Valco Intrument Co)
VALVEMATE (Gilson, Inc)
Varian (Varian B.V.)
Vespel (E I Dupont de Nemours & Co. Inc)
Viton (E I Dupont de Nemours & Co. Inc)
Waters (Waters Corporation)
WAVS (Waters Corporation)
Windows (Microsoft Corporation)
Windows Vista (Microsoft Corporation)
WISP (Waters Corporation)
ZQ (Waters Corporation)
ZSpray (Waters Corporation)

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