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6430A 1290 LC-MS/MS from Agilent

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This refurbished Agilent 6430 triple quadrupole LC/MS system has been specifically designed and engineered to be fully compatible with ultra high pressure liquid chromatography (UHPLC) separations. Included is an Agilent 1290 HTC UHPLC system.

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System Details

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This used 6430 Triple Quad is a feature-packed new addition to the Agilent triple quadrupole product family, with:

  • Reliable MassHunter software
  • MassHunter Optimizer for automated compound optimization
  • 1 ms dwell times with no collision cell cross talk
  • Dynamic MRM methods for up to 4,000 transitions
  • 30 ms polarity switching for fast analyses
  • Low attomole sensitivity in peptide quantitation with Agilent's advanced HPLC-Chip Nano LC system

Ideal Quantitative LC/MS for UHPLC with Dynamic MRM and Fast Polarity Switching

Controlled by MassHunter software, the 6430 offers a combination of superior performance, exceptional reliability, and excellent overall cost-of-ownership for which Agilent is famous.

Fast MRM Analysis and Polarity Switching (Plus Sensitivity) - Perfect for UHPLC

The 1290 Infinity LC System for UHPLC offers tremendous productivity gains versus conventional HPLC. UHPLC with sub-2-micron columns can dramatically reduce separation times and maximize chromatographic resolution. This frequently results in very narrow peaks which may be less than a second wide. When twinned with the 6430 Triple Quad, you will achieve optimal quantitation of narrow UHPLC peaks:.

Key Markets

Food Safety and Environmental Monitoring: Food safety applications are the largest LC-Triple Quad market for Agilent. The higher sensitivity, faster MRMs, and integrated Dynamic MRM will makes the 6430 the perfect choice.

CRO Market: Those looking for a sensitive, robust, and easy-to-use LC/QQQ system for both pharmaceutical and environmental applications.

Peptide Quant and Biomarker Validation: This market requires both the highest sensitivity and excellent reproducibility in a very complex matrix such as serum or plasma. This application is best served with the Chip Cube* which makes the 6430 the best choice.

* Please enquire for availability.

Designed as an ideal system for UHPLC/MS Analyses

  • 1200 bar pressure (up to 2 mL/min) for the fastest separations
  • 30 ms polarity switching for fast peaks
  • 1 ms dwell times for analyzing hundreds of compounds
  • Dynamic MRM methods for analyzing thousands of ion transitions
  • Improved sensitivity

6430 Specification

  • Sensitivity: 1pg reserpine 300:1
  • Scan rate: 5,200 u/sec
  • Dynamic range: >6.0 x 106
  • Polarity switching: 30 msec
  • Minimum dwell time: 1 msec
  • Number of MRM: 19,800
  • Dynamic MRM: 4,000
  • Mass Resolution (Full width at half maximum): 0.5 Da (manual tune), 0.7 Da (autotune)
  • Mass stability: < 0.1 Da in 24 h
  • Mass accuracy: 0.1 Da from 5 - 1,000 m/z, 0.01% from 1,000 - 2,000 m/z, 0.02% from 2,000 - 2,250 m/z
  • Mass range: 5 - 2,250 m/z
  • MS/MS sensitivity: 1 pg of reserpine injected on column
  • Signal-to-noise ratio: > 500:1
  • Single point of control: Single-point data system method capability with full control of Agilent 1290
  • Time programming:
    • Polarity change in time segment
    • Scan and SIM or MRM (plus other modes of data collection
    • Dynamic and triggered MRM aligns MRMs with compound retention time
    • Solvent divert through calibrant delivery system valve
  • Autotune: Automated optimization of ion optics and mass axis calibration in positive and negative ion modes using a proprietary tune solution

The used Agilent 1290 Infinity UHPLC is designed to provide highest speed, resolution and ultra-sensitivity. A new power range allows you to deploy any particle type, any column dimensions, or any mobile and stationary phases. Innovative technology components offer the next level of performance for UHPLC, RRLC and HPLC applications. With the revolutionary ISET technology the 1290 Infinity is the world's first truly universal LC system as it can execute other HPLC and UHPLC methods and deliver the same chromatographic results without any change of the instrument or the original method. In short, it gives you infinite capabilities to solve all your analytical challenges in LC and LC/MS.

The 1290 HTC Injector is designed specifically to meet the throughput and reliability demands of critical LC/MS applications, offering lowest carryover with dynamic load and wash (DLW) principle. This highly versatile system is optimized for high throughput injections, and perfectly complements the infinitely better speed, resolution and sensitivity of the Agilent 1290 Infinity LC system. It features temperature-controlled sample storage to keep samples cool and prevent degradation, fast robotics and washing mechanism, and Near zero carryover with the new dynamic load and wash principle (DLW).

1290 Features

  • Intelligent System Emulation Technology (ISET) provides seamless transfer of methods between LCs, regardless of the brand, delivering unchanged retention time and peak resolution
  • Infinite power range that combines ultra high pressure up to 1200 bar and high flow rates up to 5 mL/min for maximum chromatographic performance, compatibility, flexibility and investment protection
  • 1290 Infinity Binary Pump combines active damping with lowest delay volume down to <10 µL - facilitated by multi-layer technology in the new Agilent Jet Weaver mixer - for highest retention time precision and superior UV-detection sensitivity
  • Optical design in 1290 Infinity Diode Array Detector - including Agilent Max-Light cartridge flow cell - offers a new level of UV-sensitivity and baseline robustness, including fast spectral acquisition at data rates up to 160 Hz
  • Ultra sensitivity is achieved through revolutionary Agilent Max-Light cartridge cell with 60 mm optical path length
  • (typically noise: < ± 0.5 µAU/cm) providing more than 10 times higher sensitivity than the 1200 Series DAD and VWD
  • Next generation flow-through design of the 1290 Infinity Autosampler achieves lowest carry over (<0.004%) and highest precision for both large and small injection volumes without changing sample loops
  • 1290 Infinity Flexible Cube combined with the 1290 Infinity Autosampler to facilitate automatic backflushing of needle seat for a new benchmark in lowest carry over (typically <0.0010%, <10 ppm). Plus, support of generic valve applications with up to two QuickChange valves (feature will be supported in late 2010)
  • 1290 Infinity LC Injector HTC/HTS is designed specifically to meet the throughput and reliability demands of critical LC/MS applications, offering lowest carryover with dynamic load and wash (DLW) principle
    • Syringe Size: 100 µL
    • Operating Temperature Range: 4 to 40 °C (39 to 104 °F)
    • Maximum Relative Humidity: 75%, non-condensing
    • Minimum Sample Volume: 1 µL from a 3 µL sample in 1 mL tapered micro vial in liquid injection mode
    • Injection volumes: Up to 100 µL with standard setup, up to 5 mL with additional hardware
  • Pull-out valve drive and user-exchangeable valve heads in the 1290 Infinity Thermostatted Column Compartment boosts usability and paves the way for ultra high-throughput, multi-method and automated method development solutions
  • ZORBAX Rapid Resolution High Definition (1.8 µm) LC columns facilitate easy, fast and secure method transfer from HPLC to UHPLC through identical column chemistries
  • Lab Advisor software - with intuitive diagnostic and monitor capabilities and alert functions to notify you of problems - helps you manage your lab for best chromatographic quality

1290 System

  • 1290 Infinity G1316C Infinity TCC Column Oven
  • Gerstel 1290 Infinity G4278A LC HTC Autosampler
  • 1290 G4220A Binary Pump
  • Bottle tray


  • Agilent 6430 LC/MS-MS
  • Agilent 1290 HTC UHPLC system
  • Agilent MS 40+ Roughing Pump
  • PC inc TFT running MassHunter version B.08.02
  • New Samsung Printer
  • UK Installation - enquire for EU
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