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This refurbished Waters® ACQUITY® SQ UPLC system includes an advanced benchtop, single quadrupole mass detector designed for ultra high performance LC/MS applications. This system includes both MassLynx 4.1 and OpenLynx software installed to allow chemists to simply walk up to a system, log in their sample, place the sample in the instrument as instructed, and walk away to retrieve results at their desk by email or printout with minimal wait time.

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System Details

Download Calibration Data for SQ Acquity UPLCDownload Tune + Calibration Data:

This Waters SQ UPLC-MS system includes IntelliStart™ Technology, for automated system optimization and status monitoring, ensuring that the highest quality data is routinely available to users of all levels.


PI sources and ionization modes

  • High performance ZSpray™ dual-orthogonal ESI API source
  • Vacuum isolation valve
  • Tool free access to customer serviceable elements
  • Plug and play probes
  • De-clustering cone gas
  • Software control of gas fows and heating elements

Ion source transfer optics: Ion source transfer optics

Mass analyzer:Single high resolution quadrupole analyzer, plus pre-flter to maximize resolution transmission while preventing contamination of the main analyzer

Detector :Low noise, of axis, long life photomultiplier detector, Digital dynamic range: up to 4 x 106

Vacuum system:Single, split-fow air-cooled vacuum turbomolecular evacuating the source and analyzer, One rotary backing pump

Dimensions: Width: 34.5 cm (13.8 in.), Height:5 3.3 cm (20.8 in.), Depth: 65.5 cm (25.6 in.)

Electrical safety / EMC testing: CE and NRTL

IntelliStart Technology: System parameter checks and alerts, Integrated sample/calibrant delivery system plus programmable divert valve, Automated mass calibration, Automated sample tuning, Automated SIR method development, LC/MS System Check - automated on-column performance test

Quantifcation methods data base*: Quanpedia™ - a database for storing and sharing user defned LC/SIR acquisition and associated processing methods for the targeted quantifcation of named Database entries for a number of applications are also provided. Quanpedia software item included with the purchase of the TargetLynx™ Application

SIR acquisition rate assignment*: Dwell time, inter-channel delay time, and inter-scan delay times for individual a multiple SIR experiment can be automatically assigned (using the Auto-ensure that the optimal number of SIR data points per chromatographic The Auto-Dwell feature can dynamically optimize SIR cycle times to accommodate time windows that either partially or completely overlap. This greatly simplifes creation, irrespective of the number of compounds in a single assay, while ensuring the very best quantitative performance for every experiment.

SIR acquisition window assignment: Multiple SIR experiments can be scheduled (manually or automatically using database) using retention time windows to optimize the cycle time for each monitored. If required, SIR retention time windows can overlap partially or This ensures that SIR data acquisition rates will be optimal for the quantifcation analytes in a given assay.


Acquisition modes: Full scan MS, Selected Ion Recording (SIR)

Mass range: 2 to 2048 m/z

Scan speed: Up to 10,000 Da/s

Examples of achievable acquisition: 10 scans per s (m/z 100 to 1000), 20 scans per s (m/z 50 to 500)

Mass stability: Mass drift < 0.1 Da over an eight hour period

Linearity of response: The linearity of response relative to sample concentration, for a specifed is fve orders of magnitude from the limit of detection

Polarity switching time: 20 ms to switch between positive and negative ion modes

ESCi mode switching time: 20 ms to switch between ESI and APCI

SIR acquisition rate: Maximum acquisition rate of 100 SIR data points per s, Minimum dwell time of 5 ms per SIR channel, Minimum inter-channel delay of 5 ms

SIR acquisition rate: Maximum acquisition rate of 100 SIR data points per s, Minimum dwell time of 5 ms per SIR channel, Minimum inter-channel delay of 5 ms

Number of SIR channels : Up to 16,384 SIR channels; up to 1024 SIR channels when operating in GLP/secure (32 functions, 32 channels per function).

Mass resolution: Automatically adjusted (IntelliStart) to desired resolution; the valley between 2034.63 Da and 2035.63 Da peaks is < 12% of the average height of the two peaks

SIR sensitivity (ESI+): A 1 pg loop injection (5.0 µL of 0.2 pg/µL) of reserpine, with a mobile phase 300 µL/min will give a chromatographic signal-to-noise for m/z 609 greater than 100:1

SIR sensitivity (APCI+ ): A 1 pg on column injection (5.0 µL of 0.2 pg/µL) of reserpine, with a mobile of 300 µL/min will give a chromatographic signal-to-noise for m/z 609 greater than 100:1


  • Waters Acquity SQ UPLC-MS (ESI)
  • Waters Acquity Binary Solvent Manager (Classic)
  • Waters nanoAcquity Sample Manager
  • Waters Acquity Column Manager (Classic)
  • PC running both MassLynx 4.1 software and OpenLynx with Open Access Login - see the manufacturer's information here
  • Edwards E2M28 Roughing Pump
  • New Samsung printer
  • Installation & warranty (as denoted above)
  • Option to include Sample Organiser - please enquire

Available for demonstration at our Kent facility, we also offer sample testing and method development - please enquire below.

* PC Provided with MassLynx software installed. Note: we are unable to transfer licences therefore software licence purchase may be required from the manufacturer.

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Jaytee has developed its calibration policy in line with the marketplace and offers a wide range of calibration services. Our clients often require instrument PQ/validation, so we offer a unique approach to this, providing our own calibration package that is specific to your needs.

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